#Pubcon In-House Team Building and Training From Dashboard to Success

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about In-House Team Building and Training.  On the panel with me was Elmer Boutin (@rehor), Josh Gampel (@joshgampel), and Tony Adam (@tonyadam).  The event was Pubcon Las Vegas 2011.  I have been to at least 9 or 10 Pubcon events and this one by far brought me more information then ever.  I feel that the all the recent Google algo updates have created new priorities for white hat marketers.  Therefore, the same ole process of just creating new and quality content with exact match links from good neighborhoods, doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

What I learned from this years #pubcon was that large sites won’t necessarily prevail, exact-match links can be the “kiss of death” of your site, and that more time is needed in creating processes for goal conversions in Social media.  These are all the new standards in SEM and I plan on focusing my efforts in these directions.

My presentation, “From Dashboard to Success and Leveraging 3rd Parties With Your In House Team” focused on the importance of creating dashboards to report on the success or failures in SEO.  Having the ability to report as SEO frequently, will eliminate the (impossible) need to attempt to micro-manage SEO.

Another important component of a well oiled in-house team is the ability to complement it with consultants or 3rd party services which can extend the performance capabilities of the team.  It is also important to recognize that there are certain protocols that should be shared by both the in-house team and consultants to provide for the best working and cost effective work environment.

Please review my presentation and if you find it relevant please tweet it and share it with you network.  I look forward to your comments too.

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  1. Tracy Antol says:

    Thanks for sharing your insights from Pubcon. You’re a Pubcon pro

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